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Blending So-Cal, Hip Hop and dub reggae with a dash of the Endless Summer soundtrack thrown in.

We stand for a creative culture. We were born to bring a message to the streets. We come together, our voice as one. We sing together to get this thing done.

We bring the bass. We bang the drum
We blow the horn. The guitars we strum
We play the keys. And have the harmonies.

We are Bearfoot.

Our fists in the air, white knuckle.

Our voices out loud, no struggle.


A culmination of musical ideas, the original nucleus - the Bearfoot Trinity - spawned in 2013 from a fusing of styles, expanding into an roots sextet, fuelled by a fondness for good groove, and spurred on by awareness.

At the beginning of 2015, we released ‘Babylon’. Fans dug it. Radio liked it. We had our friend, Jesswah, remix it. 

And then we dropped ‘Impolite’. Infectious. Hooky. It spread. Triple J liked it. Community Radio couldn’t get enough. Fans sung it out loud. The Vibe Tribe had begun…

To say thank you, we released a remix (again, by Jesswah) of our big fat dub baby, ‘Feed My Soul’, also as celebration of the release of ‘Babylon’.

During all that, we rode the rollercoaster of gigs and festivals; Ocean Street World Festival, Big Pineapple Music Festival, Caloundra Music Festival, and topping it off with a massive run of shows at Woodford Folk Festival 2015/16.

Driven by a thirst to bring out more songs, and encouraged by a Queensland Music Award win for Best Blues/Roots release, we marched onwards…

Teaming up with producer Paul Bromley (who previously recorded ‘Impolite’) at the Tanuki Lounge, Bearfoot busted out two more tracks, both different in style and speed, yet distinctly Bearfootish, to add to the two previous songs, as well as a special recording of one of their first collaborations (working this time with long-time friend and producer Brian Goodworth), the band will, finally, release their debut EP.


A dedication to the bond created between the musical brothers, and to those that have surrounded and supported them on their quest. The real Vibe Tribe.

"You could call me a Preacher, and I'll tell you I ain't..."
I believe real change is brought about by action. Sometimes words are thrown around like good intentions. This song paints a picture of an individual questioning the divide between wealth and poverty. The conflict between our own kind. We bleed the same blood. One people. Call me a Dreamer...

-Asher Chapman on Dreamer, the third single.




The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Sunshine Coast Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.