Bearfoot Update - March 23


Hello lovelies...

We know we've been pretty sporadic of late.  But it's for good reasons.
The last 18 months or so have been a very busy time for us here in Bearfoot, and we needed a little R'N'R to reset our tired bearfeet.  Currently, our drummer, Sean, is over in Jamaica, taking in as much as he can.
Meanwhile, and here's the exciting part, we're back in the studio, with the mighty Paulie B at the helm.  We can't say exactly what we have up our sleeves, but we can tell you that it feels SO good to have this break, and let the creative juices flow.  We've had three days in the studio at the moment, with a few more next week, before re-capping in late April when Sean returns.  If you want to see more of what's going on, we have been putting up snippets on our Instagram Stories, but you have to be quick, as they're only up for 24 hours.
With new studio stuff, means new shows, and we do have them coming for you! Stay tuned...

Big love,

Rhys Fox