The 'TRiBE' EP

Since Bearfoot released their first single, 'Babylon' back in February 2015, there had been a plan for a debut EP. Albeit, a very jumbled plan, but with a steady goal - to collate Bearfoot tracks that represent the band, its current journey and stance, into one impressive release.  

Time went on, and another single was released ('Impolite' in November 2015) and widely received. Bearfoot had grown (not only in size, but in reputation), and it was time to piece it all together.

Bearfoot wanted to make their debut stand out, and be a dedication to those that had supported, nurtured, mentored and inspired them - the Vibe Tribe. Those that stand for a creative culture, with their fists in the air, white-knuckled, loud voices, and dancing feet.

The concept for TRiBE was born...

Stream/purchase/download TRiBE here.

The Bearfoot Triptych, which features on the 'Dreamer' single, inside the EP, and on the band merchandise was devised by Awkward Chat.

A bit about Awkward Chat:
Awkward Chatis an ongoing art project and pseudonym for the artist's visual conversation. Current muse: the value inherent in what we're told and sold.

About the Bearfoot Triptych:


Bearfoot's questioning lyrics are the perfect counterweight for their reggae/roots/can't stop dancing vibe. The triptych was created with this balance in mind using Notan style, a Japanese term for dark/light harmony in art. The black and white rectangles are pages of Bearfoot's story and each 6 page artwork is a chapter with individual themes of "past", "present" and "future". While each chapter can stand alone, only when reading them together do you see the whole story.

The threads that bind the pages together are the ocean, Glasshouse Mountains and Y line from the Vanuatu flag. Look closely and you'll discover little tales within... the lucky egg gifted from a fan at Woodford Folk Festival, the tools of their trade, recording tracks from the EP at the Tanuki Lounge, palm trees as goal posts with a hammock as the crossbar: a metaphor for the simple, chill life that they're working towards together. The skateboard Asher was riding when he came up with the lyrics to 'Could Be Worse'. The campfire is the warmth of all the people they've worked with along the way. The frog, a constant in the background, is their manager Matthew, helping to drive them into the future. Sean in his van: a beep, a wave, a sign for what these guys stand for. The dream: playing a beach stage, waves as stage curtains to reflect their ocean lovin' lives. 'One Drop'. And finally, the conscious compass a.k.a Bearfoot's Vibe Tribe... it's pointing towards our collective dreams.  The tribe comes from all over, from anywhere, it doesn't matter where we came from, what matters is that we share a similar consciousness about the world around us. Together we're heading in the same direction. We've found our tribe.
- Awkward Chat.

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